9 Times Kobe Bryant Proved He Was A Family Man


Kobe Bryant lived a very busy life, however, that never prevented him from spending time with his girls. We miss him dearly, but we can all agree, no one misses him like his family.

Here are 9 images that prove his girls were his everything.

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Christmas Photoshoot

Mamba Forever, Bryant Family

This is one of the last family photos he took and it’s so sad to know what this beautiful family is going through.

Trip to Disney

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They all look so young here!

One Of Their Many Family Selfies

Mamba Forever, Bryant Family
Instagram / Kobe Bryant

Black Mamba

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Many kids only get to see where their parents work when it’s “Bring your child to work” day. However, Kobe’s girls never had that problem, he would include them in all of his activities.

RIP Daddy And His Little Angel

Mamba Forever, Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant
Instagram / Kobe Bryant

It’s heartbreaking to know his beautiful family is going to have to grow up without their beloved dad and sister…

Christmas 2013

Mamba Forever, Bryant Family

He Always Had His Girl’s Backs

Family Halloween Costumes

Bryant Family

There are hundreds of pictures of Kobe Bryant on the internet, and all of them are either him on the court or spending time with his family. That says a lot about the kind of man Kobe was and gives us, Mamba Forever, one more reason to keep his legacy alive.

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